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10 thoughts on “Something to say?

  1. Have been advised by pain consultant to have the dead nerves in my neck cut to get relief from osteo arthritis in my neck and shoulder, am nervous about this. Would love to know ig anyone has had this done and how they got on.

    • Hi Josephine, thanks for getting in touch. If you are feeling nervous about the procedure it might be a good idea to give our helpline a call. All of our helpline volunteers have arthritis and so they are experienced in dealing with the different difficulties and challenges it presents. They would be delighted to speak with you and talk it through with you. You can call the helpline on locall 1890 252 846 or email

  2. I am 22 and I am on methotrexate and humira for RA. Luckily i am pain free and in remissions since beginning this treatment. I am looking to emigrate to New Zealand for a minimum of a year. The health requirement for a visa state that a person with the following will not be accepted:

    • Severe autoimmune disease which may require treatment in New Zealand with immune-suppressant medications other than Prednisone, Methotrexate, Azathioprine or Salazopyrine

    As methroxeate is excluded and Humira doesn’t come under an immune suppressant drug, i think that i could be legible for a visa?? Does anyone have any information on this?

    If i do get accepted it is necessary that i continue my weekly treatment.does anyone know about how to go about getting this and also paying for it??

    Has anyone else traveled over a long period of time while on similar medication?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated as it is difficult to find information about this online.

  3. Am joining a ‘Living Well w Arthritis’ shortly – to update myself on Your current self-management!
    Even though I have discovered a lot through my ‘Own research’ and Trial ‘n Error approach!: With osteoarthritis underlying my Fibromyalgia, which was more or less diagnosed with a burn-out break-down and asthma in DE in 2010; with rotator-cuff-injury and other symptoms -some like IBS like symptoms brought on by stomach-burning pain-meds (NSAIDS): it is still taking months n months to get to diagnostic clarity- let alone to a relevant treatment -help like ‘Physio’ to monitor my exercise and to get to know what’s possible-good, and when to DO it!Colonosc. still to follow….
    i haven’t had a clinical diagnosis in Ireland- and would encourage like in the UK future recognition of Fibromyalgia as a diagnosis for disabilty/-payment.
    My own best holistic approach I’ve made in better avoiding pain-killers is exploring with good eating and the one-time-help of a nutritionist: an ‘elimination-diet’ for gluten/wheat/yeast/daIry/& lots else kicked started it and I learned about good vege-based ‘alkaline -rich-diet’! everything to avoid sugars, and other acid-forming stuff like too much red meat or soda’s etc.. I’m now not as strict anymore; wish, I could invest in a good water-purifier/ioniser- machine- but am happy so far to pass on my advice and to live better by:
    * when weather is good and symptoms manageable
    * good self-made food helps to avoid pain-killers and acid stomach/reflux etc.
    * when I CAN actually join in friends for a walk or a Pilates -class or swimming

    I wonder, if it Is actually generally known -or symptomatic, that Fibromyalgia often comes with other auto-immune symptoms as well- like the blogging ‘fybrofella’ of this months newsletter….
    I wish: general medicine could be including a more holistic approach: to include diet and individual life-style-advice and stress-management as well as awareness how past traumas may have contributed to such a depletion of Life-forces/processes-even if it takes a ‘long time’ to manifest in ‘blood-tests’ and clinical diagnosis.

  4. I first heard about the Living well with arthritis courses a few years ago and am keen to join one but they are never on in my area. Are they always in urban areas or are there any plans for a programme to bring them into rural areas? The most recent course in my area would have meant an hour and a half drive into Cork city on unlit roads at night, something I am just not able for although I would be prepared to do it during daylight hours. I would think there’d be many people in my position who would like to do the course. The same is trues for walking groups in this area.

    • Hi Maggie,

      Thanks for getting in touch. The next round of ‘Living Well with Arthritis’ courses will take place in spring 2014. Venues and locations have not been chosen yet but I will pass on your feedback to our programme coordinator. If you wish to get in touch yourself, please email Svetlana at

      Many thanks,


  5. Hi

    We recently uploaded a video from Irish Badminton ace Sian Williams who having battled with arthritis in her hip decided to travel to Birmingham, UK to see surgeon Derek McMinn who performed a Birmingham Hip Resurfacing on her. Just four years later Sian made Ireland proud when with her doubles partner, Pam Peard, they won gold at the Badminton World Masters Championship in Turkey.

    It’s a great story and one you might want to share. Here’s a link to the YouTube video of her interview feel free to embed it on the blog.

    The McMinn Centre

  6. Hi, I have just signed up to alerts from the website and I have also joined up to the other social media platforms, but I was just wondering if someone could provide a contact email for the PR person, as I was hoping to get some information and also to find out when the next course on living well with arthritis is on in Limerick, Cork or Tipperary. Thanks, Sandra.

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