Erica’s Mini Marathon Goal

Flora Women's Mini Marathon

Arthritis Ireland mini marathon team member Erica Mitchell

Seven years ago I was leading a busy life, juggling my job with a hectic schedule of squash and soccer training as well as a sports massage course. However, I began to experience what I now know as the signs of rheumatoid arthritis. Within six months my condition had deteriorated to the point where I couldn’t lift my shoulder to shower. Even dressing in the morning was a major endurance test.

I eventually received the frustrating diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis and it took me about eight months before I started to feel normal again.

I was determined not to be beaten by my condition. I enrolled on a Living Well with Arthritis course and I took inspiration from other people in similar situations. There was a group of us who used to meet regularly for dinner. We would swap tips on how to cope with different things and I loved people’s positive slant.

I decided to set myself new goals and I began to train for the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon to raise funds for Arthritis Ireland.

Here are my top tips to help maximise your fundraising for this year’s Flora Women’s Mini Marathon

1. Sign up before time runs out!

First things first, mini marathon registration is set to close by Wednesday so it is important to sign up with the Flora Mini Marathon today by clicking here. After that, you can register your interest with Arthritis Ireland here and Orla from the fundraising team will be in touch!

2. Sign up to fundraise online

Register at so people can sponsor you right away – no matter where they are in the world. It is really safe, secure and quick and it means that you don’t have to worry about collecting money & keeping it safe.

3. Tell your Fundraising Story

People are more likely to donate to you if they can see the hard work and effort you are putting in. Let them know why you are raising funds for Arthritis Ireland. Are you doing the event in honour of someone you love, or are you honouring yourself?

4. Use Social Media

Post a link to your fundraising page on your profile. Update your friends regularly about how your training is going and how close you are to your fundraising target. When you are finished the event, post a picture of you with your medal and let people know how you got on. And that they can still sponsor you!

5. Make your fundraising fun

If you find asking for sponsorship difficult, why not organise an event like a cake sale or a coffee morning to help you reach your fundraising target. As well as helping you reach your goal, it is a fun, social occasion where you can speak to your supporters and let them know exactly why you are taking part in this challenge and why they should support you.

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