Pancakes Made Easy: 5 tips on making pancake-making easier this Pancake Tuesday

It’s Pancake Tuesday – a day filled with battery, lemony, sugary goodness!

Pancakes with arthritis

Battery, lemony, sugary goodness!

Although pancakes are a hugely popular staple at this time of year, cooking them is labour intensive and can be physically daunting when you have arthritis.

But by taking into account a number of helpful hints and tips, you can make pancake making a far less demanding, less painful and more fun-filled experience.

Here are our five tips to making pancake-making enjoyable this Pancake Tuesday….

  1. Make your family work for their pancakes: Pancake Tuesday is a family event so why not make the preparation, cooking and cleaning up a family task also? They may not thank you for it initially but when everyone has contributed to the final product, those pancakes will taste even better!
  2. Be prepared: Set yourself out a stool that you can rest against while mixing your batter and working at the hob. Have your favourite music on in the background to make cooking more relaxing and pleasurable. Allow yourself more time than your pancake recipe denotes to ensure you are not putting yourself under pressure.
  3. Making the batter: A food mixer is easier to manage than a manual whisk when combining your eggs, milk and flour. Place your mixing bowl on a rubber mat to reduce the need to manually hold it in place. Even a damp washcloth under a bowl will help to keep it still.
  4. Cooking: Use a ladle to poor your batter on the pan. This will allow you to get a sufficient and consistent measurement on your pan ‘in one swoop’. Make the pancakes smaller as they are a lot easier to flip with your spatula. Try to use a frying pan with ergonomic handles with a larger, softer gripping surface.
  5. Serving & Washing up: Cook in smaller batches (do two or three at a time instead of nine or ten) so that you can have a rest from the hob and eat a few pancakes yourself. Make your family members come collect their pancakes at the hob so you’re not travelling over and back from the table. Delegate the washing up to the person who eats the most pancakes!

For more helpful hints and tips on how you can reduce the impact of arthritis on your life, call the Arthritis Ireland helpline on 1890 252 846 or click here to sign up for a ‘Living Well with Arthritis’ self-management course.

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