Sunshine Reduces Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis by a Fifth

Good news for sun worshipers! if you can find any sun to worship. A new study has found sunshine cuts rheumatoid arthritis riskthat spending time in the sunlight can reduce a woman’s risk of rheumatoid arthritis.

Based on data from the Nurses’ Health Study, new research involving more than 200,000 women found that bathing in the sun can cut the risk of rheumatoid arthritis my more than 20%.

However, it is worth remembering that overexposure to UV rays do still damage the skin and trigger skin cancer.

Scientists took into account where the women lived to work out their likely sunlight intake, considering latitude, altitude and cloud cover.

A total of 1,314 women developed rheumatoid arthritis during the 30-year study period .But women with the highest levels of exposure to the sun were 21pc less likely to develop the disease.

It is worth noting that evidence of the reduced risk was only found in older women who enrolled at the beginning of the study in the 1970s. Researchers pointed out that this could be due to the fact that sun creams which block UV rays were not around when the women were in her youth.

“This adds to the growing evidence that exposure to UV-B light is associated with decreased risk of rheumatoid arthritis,” Dr Elizabeth Arkema of Harvard School of Public Health wrote.

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